Submission Guidelines


Original manuscripts are invited from researchers, academicians, bureaucrats and professionals for publication consideration. Each manuscript must include a 200- word abstract. The first page of the manuscript should contain the paper title, authors name, affiliation, email address, the 200-word abstract and the JEC Codes. The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word to

  1. Carefully read Duties of Authors
  2. Articles are accepted only in Micro Soft Word format.
  3. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal.
  4. All correspondence should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at:
  5. There is a $100 USD non- refundable submission fee. There is also a non- refundable resubmission fee of $50 USD where necessary.
  6. Publication fee for each accepted article is $100 USD for sole authors, and $50 USD per co-author in the case of multiple contributors. Publication fees are not refundable.
    Authors submitting manuscripts from low-income countries can submit an application for discounted submission and publication fees.
  7. Submission and publication fees should be in the form of US bank checks or money orders or international bank checks or money orders and mailed Managing Editor, Global Business, Investments and Publications, 233 Mulberry Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250, USA.

    Payments in international bank checks or money orders should include 10 USD for bank clearing fees.